The Staff

Our team has owned and operated both small businesses and franchise companies. We understand the challenges you face in growing your company.

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Our commitment

When you partner with us, you partner with a sales company that guides candidates through the process with grace and honesty.

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The Franchise Sales Solution

Who We Are

The Franchise Sales Solution is a full service franchise sales company. Our services are based on what our clients need. We understand that our franchise clients are busy operating the franchisor company and helping the franchisees with the day-to-day operation of their locations. Though we may not actually sit in the office next door, it sure feels like we are there!  By the way, all of us have sat where you currently sit.   That’s right, all the members of our team have owned and operated their own business.  We understand the time and financial constraints that a small business deals with every single day.

Our services are integrated into our overall sales and marketing plans and our system and the processes we use help the TFSS sale professionals ensure that your franchise candidates learn more about your opportunity and meet your qualifications. Our goal is always to bring strong candidates to you that have gone through a complete validation period prior to attending Discovery Day.

Regardless if you choose to work with us–we believe that you will gain a new perspective on what it will take to grow your brand.  To learn more about our processes and systems Complete Our Contact Form Now.

Franchise Lead Generation

Formulating a strong lead generation program can’t be done in a vacuum.   Our team is constantly working to refine our lead generation process to balance what a franchise prospect is looking for and the best ways to present that information for the franchisor.    Evaluating your franchise sales and lead generation budget and assembling a lead generation strategy that works within that budget is the key to a long term relationship.    Our success will depend on our continued ability to generate qualified franchise candidates and manage the relationships with these prospects.

The key to your franchise success starts with a strong concept that is led by a team that is passionate about the business.   It develops by having strong operating systems and a branded model that does well in all markets.  The Franchise Sales Solution will support your efforts with a proven sales and  franchise marketing plan.   But we also pay attention to your current environment and work with you to strengthen the  franchisee validation with current franchisees.


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