Avocation and Vocation Join In My House Fitness Franchise Opportunity

The fitness industry has always attracted sport types who have a strong inclination toward health and wellness. I personally can identify, as I spent the better part of my career with the YMCA. When I wasn’t working out, I was working with youth and adults to promote a healthy lifestyle. It was a natural for me and though I have moved on to helping others in the franchise world, fitness still remains a daily part of my life.

My House Fitness has designed a business that combines the benefits of working in a job; while pursuing what you love, the result is a perfect franchise opportunity for someone looking to join their avocation and vocation. So you can imagine how excited I was when they engaged us to help them with franchise sales and development. It took me back to my past, when I was able to encourage members to integrate fitness into their daily routines. Exactly, what My House Fitness is doing today.

Over the past few months, we have witnessed an up tick in the number of prospective leads that we receive for the brands that we represent. Not everyone has the financial resources to own and operate a franchise business, but they all have the passion.gI_99811_Jen Boot Cammp

The increase in the number of prospects has supported my theory that more and more Americans are looking for opportunities, where they can control their own destiny. The role that we play in ensuring that we place prospects with the right opportunity, is more important then ever. We are talking about people’s life savings and retirement accounts–there is very little room for error.

Franchise prospects come from all walks of life. We have foodies who want a food concept like the Brown Bag or Thumbs Up Diner and car lovers who like brands like RNR Custom Wheels & Tire Express and Carsmetics. Our entire team understands that providing opportunities which are aligned with a prospects avocation provides us with the best chance of success. My House Fitness allows a fitness enthusiast to do what they love. Scotts Lawn Service provides the do-it -yourselfer a chance to do-it for others, and list goes on and on.

More and more franchise brokers are bringing us candidates who not only want to find a business; but who want to find the right business. In my view, that begins with ensuring that the actual franchise sale is less important, then ensuring the right placement. Early in my career, I helped people realize fitness goals and today I am proud to say that our team is helping franchise prospects realize their dreams to own a business.